I used to be a journalist. For more than 16 years, I worked with some of India’s leading media houses and handled a variety of assignments in their newsrooms. In 2011, I took leave of absence to travel to Kabul, Afghanistan, to train journalists there. It changed my life.

Later that year, upon my return to Mumbai, I moved to the corporate sector as a content and insights specialist, going on to become a consultant in the communication and marketing space.

In January 2017, I published my first book – Bricks of Blood. It was a novella and a Kindle-only offering. And it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. The floodgates have opened; the dream is to write many more books.

I continue to write on current affairs, business and society for various publications and for my owned platforms.

I live in Mumbai, but pieces of my heart live in Pune and Kabul.

Talk to me. I’m available at ashraf.engineer@gmail.com and I Tweet at @AshrafEngineer. You can find me on my author’s page on Facebook too.

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